November 29, 2016

ABT-TRAC Certified Technicians of Burr Yacht Sales


best-one-round-2Back in September we reported the completion of the ABT-TRAC Technician’s course by our own Michael Schoelkopf & Dave Burgess. We are pleased to announce the completion of that same course by four more of our Burr Yacht Sales technicians including: John Naumann, Charlie Reese, Michael Reed, and Richie Toro. We had ABT representatives fly in as we hosted the course at Burr. This allowed us to go over and review actual ABT stabilizers on Flemings at our marina. The course covered stabilizers, thrusters, and hydraulics. As always, we strive to maintain a knowledgeable team at Burr Yacht Sales and keep our employees up to date with the most current systems in the industry.

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