June 11, 2020

New Fleming Outfitting And Deliveries At Burr Yacht Sales


We have been quite busy lately with new Fleming Yacht outfitting, deliveries, and training! Having recently completed outfitting work on two new 58 Flemings, both of these new owners are now taking part in our BYS training process to ensure they are completely confident with their boat for the summer adventures that lie ahead.

With the two newest 58 Flemings wrapped up, the outfitting crew at Burr now sets their sights on the next pair of new Fleming Yachts that have just arrived from Taiwan. Recently picked up from the Port of Baltimore, Flemings 55-252 and 78-010 are the latest new builds underway.

The owners of 78-010 are now three-time Fleming owners, having moved up from their previous 2006 Fleming 65 and their original 2001 Fleming 55. This particular Fleming 78 also happens to feature a new interior design that we are very excited to share with everyone in the near future. As for the owners of 55-252, they will be taking delivery of their third new Fleming build with Burr Yacht Sales over a span of nearly 25 years! The new boat outfitting continues with an additional Fleming 55, 58, and 65 all still on the horizon for Burr Yacht Sales in 2020. In addition to new Fleming Yachts, the sales and deliveries of previously-cruised Flemings have also done their part keeping our team busy. Within the last month alone we have closed on four previously-cruised Flemings and begun our training process with the new owners.

Check out the gallery below for more photos of the 78-010 & 55-252 pick-ups from the Port of Baltimore:

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