June 26, 2017

David B.



I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the extraordinary “new owner” training program that Burr offers.  Julia and I just spent 4 full days with Kevin Althoff on our “previously cruised” Fleming 55 and were overwhelmed with his patience, his expertise and his insistence that we go over absolutely everything.  I have heard about this service that Burr offers for years but until this past week I never really understood just how excellent and critical it really is.  I cannot imagine buying a Fleming (or any other comparable boat for that matter) without such a comprehensive training program.  Our surveyor, who inspected the boat for us and has 45 years of experience,  stopped by while we were training and told me that he has never seen any other dealer or manufacturer offer anything remotely like it.  Even he was impressed.

I took 25 pages of notes over the 4 days and subsequently typed them up and emailed them to Kevin.  He is going to review them, make comments and modifications as necessary and send them back to me.  Seriously, who in the world does that?  And it was his idea.  I could go on and on about how fantastic the entire experience with Burr has been.  Your entire team is really first class.

We love our new boat and now that we know how to start it (a big help for anyone who wants to actually use a boat), dock it (another good idea for an any owner who wants to go somewhere) and operate the systems we are anxious to get going.  A big thanks to Burr and Tony Fleming for making our long time dream a reality.


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