January 14, 2017

Frank V.


Dear Ray and Pat,

This note is to let you know how much I feel that I can count on your company to support me and provide peace of mind as I cruise my Fleming.

I admire the consistent high quality technical and maintenance support you and your people have provided as well as the quality of communication and commitment to do the best possible work.
1 have not experienced the uniformly superior results in repair or maintenance work at any other marine dealer or facility. At Burr, or on those occasions while cruising when I needed deep technical knowledge, or when directing other workers, or traveling to meet me when needed, the availability and quality of your support is clearly the best I have ever experienced.

You are doing a great job finding exceptional people and training and leading your team. It shows, and it is an important part of the extremely high quality of my Fleming enjoyment.

I appreciate it very much.


Frank A. V.

Fleming 65
May 15, 2016

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