November 1, 2022

Fred & Rose


Ray, Pat, Mick, Mike and Kevin:

We wanted to say thank you to the entire Burr Yacht Sales organization for our time as part of your customer base.  I’m sure I’m not going to recognize all the deserving people who worked so hard to make it such a great experience for Rose and me, but certainly we have to start with Ray who was so patient and persistent in getting us to the decision to build a 55 and doing so with such a light touch.

We also have to express our special thanks to Mick Shove and Mike Schoelkopf, two of the hardest working guys I think I’ve ever known.  They were always helpful and cheerful no matter how grumpy or unreasonable the request, and they know their business cold.  They cared for our vessel as if it was their own and did so as early as their expert assistance in helping us make important decisions during commissioning.

Last, and certainly not least, our special thanks go to Kevin Althoff for is counsel, friendship and masterful handling of the sale of 55-255.  At every step of the way he was thoughtful and intuitive and knew exactly what to say and when to say it making the process literally effortless for us.

Overall, working with BYS was a wonderful experience and one that we would recommend to anyone who wants a superlative vessel delivered and cared for by the best.

With kindest regards,
Fred & Rose

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