July 26, 2017

Janet & Terry


I am writing to thank-you, the Burr Yacht Organization and your employees for the help and service extended to Janet and myself as owners of a Fleming 55.  As previous owners of a sailboat, the Fleming is our first venture with a power boat.  The Fleming is a good boat, but what really makes it a great boat is the Burr Yacht Organization.  The employees, their attitude/customer focus, the system and operational training, the knowledge and focus on service and the ongoing attention after purchase is exceptional.

Our association with the Fleming 55 started with Kevin Althoff. Kevin took us through the boat search process (no pressure), the boat purchase and the extensive training (approximately 2 1/2 weeks) on all aspects of owning and operating a Fleming.  The service continued with the assignment of your Project Manager (Michael Schoelkopf).  Michael has coordinated, with us, all the upgrades and maintenance to our Fleming.  He continues to be our primary contact.  Both Kevin and Michael are professional and excellent representatives of your organization.

As you know, the Fleming 55 is a boat that has undergone continuous improvements since its inception.  What is unique and appreciated by Janet and myself is that, with Burr Yachts capability and your team’s knowledge of the Fleming design, many of the improvements incorporated into a new boat can be retrofitted to older Flemings.   This is possible because of the Fleming design, but more important, it is possible because of the exceptional skill of the Burr Yacht Team.


Janet and Terry

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