November 5, 2016

Patricia and Rick G.


This statement represents our experience in the buying and ownership of purchasing a 55 foot Fleming from Burr Yachts.

We first made contact with Burr yachts several years ago at the Miami boat show and were immediately impressed with the Fleming. After several years of kicking the tires we actually became serious buyers in the spring of 2014 and purchased a 1997 boat hull #64. At that time I had hired a broker to represent us because we were looking at several brands of trawlers and thought it prudent to have someone look after my best interests. Candidly, I was skeptical of Burr yachts control of the market for Flemings. In hindsight that was a big mistake, I could not have been more inaccurate in my thinking. The service that Burr talked about during the buying process far exceeded all of our expectations. The sales team of Ray , Jon, Kevin etc are all fantastic, and extremely knowledgeable. Two years after the purchase of our 17 year old boat they have been and continue to be an incredible resource. They are always available to answer any questions no matter how trivial they may be. The service department is extraordinary in their knowledge of the systems and what needs to be done to make it all work efficiently.

When we purchased our Fleming we knew that we would have to make significant improvements in order to bring the boat up to the standards that we are accustomed to. Burr was extremely helpful in assisting us with the entire refit process and helping us to decide what improvements to make in order to get the best value for our money. Over the past 2 years I have contacted Burr Yachts numerous times and have found them always eager to assist us in anyway. A prime example of our experience is the time I called Burr late on a Friday afternoon with an electrical problem. In order to diagnose the issue they were able to instruct me through a trial and error process to help rectify the problem. Knowing it was well past normal business hours I asked the guys “ it’s late on Friday afternoon how long do you want to do this for? The answer was an immediate “Until we fix the problem”

Over the past 30 years I have had many power boats ranging is size from 25 feet to 42 feet. I have dealt with hundreds of sales and service people from Maine to Miami and never encountered a response like that from anyone. My experience of owning Ragtime ll, hull #64 has been a fantastic one.

We have been fortunate to have met other Fleming owners all of whom have been wonderful and also share similar experiences at Burr Yachts. We have traveled from South Florida to Maine spending summers cruising Cape Cod and the islands. Along the way we have met many people that love our boat. They are fantastic boats, we are lucky to have it and if you are considering a Fleming the only people I could recommend is Burr Yachts. As reference please feel free to pass this letter along to any potential customers along with my phone number. Thank you for your continued support.

Patricia and Rick G.

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