November 5, 2016

Peter and Melinda D.


Dear Ray and Pat,

We are writing to communicate our appreciation and deep gratitude for the excellent customer service we have received from Burr Yachts. In an industry where responsiveness and quality are often in short supply, Burr Yachts stands out with the responsive and knowledgeable customer support it provides. Whether it be late on a Friday night before a holiday weekend or an early Sunday morning, Burr has been available to us to help address questions or provide assistance as new owners of a Fleming 65. Your personnel have not only known the boats you have sold but have known them both by year and hull number. Whether it be your partners Ray and Pat, your training captain, Kevin, John or the workers in the shop, everyone has been helpful and friendly despite late in the day or weekend calls and innumerable questions.

Burr Yachts combines excellent marketing, sales and customer support skills with the tremendous engineering skills that Tony Fleming built into his boats. We suspect that this emanated from the culture established by Mr Burr decades ago which has been maintained by Ray and Pat to this day. Given this, it is not surprising that Burr sells [80] percent of the Fleming Yachts sold worldwide.

In closing, we would add that our remarks are based upon the substantial experience that each of us has had in the marine industry. Peter worked for a marina for ten years prior to receiving his MBA, and Melinda taught sailing to both adults and children. Combined the two of us have logged many tens of thousands of ocean miles. We have seen both the the good and bad of the marine business and are pleased to salute you and your team for a job well done!


Peter and Melinda D.

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