January 14, 2017

Ray & Heidi R. – Seattle Couple


Why would a Seattle couple fly 3000 miles to buy their Fleming Yacht?

The answer is simply because of Burr Yacht Sales. Not only does Burr have the widest selection of new and previously cruised Fleming Yachts for sale, but they provide the most complete line of service and maintenance of any company, anywhere in the US (or for that matter anywhere period.)

As excited buyers, we started looking in and around our home cruising area of the Pacific Northwest. We looked at the few Flemings that were on the market on the west coast, but didn’t find much variety or brokers who really knew the details of evaluating the strengths of each potential boat. In many cases, they were just yacht brokers who knew very little about Flemings and were just selling a wide variety of yachts.

Then we heard of Burr Yacht Sales and their incredible reputation as a well informed and complete resource for all things Fleming. We decided to check them out. And when we did, it was clear that they were head and shoulders better than any other place we had been to talk about or look at a Fleming yacht.

Their location outside of Annapolis, Maryland wasn’t exactly convenient to Seattle, but the quality of the boats, the experienced staff and the extensive background knowledge of every aspect of each Fleming yacht highly impressed us. We knew we had found the best broker for Fleming yachts and then it was just a matter of selecting the right yacht from a wide variety of Flemings they have at their docks.

Burr personnel guided us from initial tours through the marine survey, sea trials and engine inspection. This was key to understanding what we were buying, what features to look for and what potential repairs and upgrades would be worth considering. This made the entire process stress free and ensured we ended up with the boat of our dreams.

Now our boat, SALINITY, is moored at Burr while we make our arrangements for Fall cruising Maine and then down to the Caribbean. If you want to get a Fleming, please take my word for it and check out Burr Yacht Sales. They are the only ones I would trust with such a significant investment.

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