June 6, 2017

Ron M. & Barbara F.


Dear Ray and Pat:

It is a rare and pleasant experience to be able to look back at a business transaction and see it as more than business. It was the right thing to do. After 15 years of owning Baroness that is how we feel about Burr and its Fleming Yachts.

“Service after the sale” is not a sales mantra but your way of life. Where else do we know the parts specialist or the plumbing or electronics specialists by first name? The culture at Burr is rare – when we call, we are calling friends. The job gets done by a friend – maybe like a family member.

So, it is with heavy hearts that we have accepted the effects of aging and sold Baroness. Fortunetly, we never sold our respect for you personally and the friendship you gave. Please pass our fond best wishes to your staff and to Tony Fleming with a wish that our paths cross again.


Ron M. & Barbara F.

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