Customer Service 24/7/365

I called Burr late on a Friday afternoon with an electrical problem. Knowing it was well past normal business hours I said to the guys, ‘It’s late on Friday afternoon how long do you want to do this for?’ The answer was an immediate, ‘Until we fix the problem.’ – Patricia & Rick Graham

Much of what set Burr Yacht Sales apart when it was founded by Arthur Burr in 1963 was a commitment to ongoing customer service. This, above all else, is Art’s legacy and one which Ray Currey, Pat Flaherty and Mick Shove – the owners of Burr Yacht Sales since 2009 – have carried on.

Each new and previously-cruised Fleming Yacht is delivered with a placard discreetly affixed in the pilot house with the name and cell phone numbers of the Burr team, and we answer the phone 24/7/365. In some cases, as mentioned in the quote above, there may be a problem that can be fixed over the phone, and we won’t end the call ‘Until we fix the problem.’ In other instances, an issue can arise which requires more attention. Members of our team have been known to fly great distances to assist our clients with their Flemings. If a situation arises while in close proximity to Burr Yacht Sales, as was the case with Mr. Osborne, a longtime Burr customer, we’ll bring the boat in for an immediate assessment.

As Mr. Osborne was cruising not far from our marina, a missing marker led to his grounding Glory, his Fleming 55, hard enough that it “…lurched skyward, raising her beautiful hull three or four feet,” he later wrote to us in a kind letter, recounting his experience. Glory lost her starboard stabilizer in the impact.

Mr. Osborne immediately called Pat Flaherty who made arrangements to get Glory into our marina the next morning. While Mr. Osborne had been certain that the impact had damaged Glory’s hull, once we hauled her out of the water, all that could be seen was a small scratch. After completing a thorough inspection of Glory, we installed a stabilizer and shaft we had prepared. By 3:00 p.m., four hours after arriving at our marina, Glory was back on the open water.

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