January 20, 2024

BYS Customer Testimonial: Lady Gov


“Mary and I want to extend our heartfelt thanks for an incredible yachting journey with Burr Yacht Sales. Hailing from Oklahoma, Mary and I, first-time yacht owners, embraced the challenge of transitioning from wheat fields and inland lakes to the vast expanse of the Atlantic and the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). Our Fleming 55, now named Lady Gov, stands as a testament to the transformation facilitated by Burr Yacht Sales. The training at Burr Yacht Academy, led by Evan, Kevin, and Dave, was pivotal in evolving us from novices into confident operators. The depth of knowledge about the boat and boating demonstrated by everyone at Burr is truly remarkable. We have now embarked on our journey south to begin the Great Loop next year. The seamless voyage from Maryland to Savannah, Georgia, where we are currently docked, speaks volumes about the quality of Lady Gov and the effectiveness of your teachings. The boat has become not just a vessel but a conduit for newfound experiences, thanks to the skills honed under your guidance.

Burr Yacht Sales transcends the role of a transactional hub; it’s a sanctuary where dreams set sail. The personal touch, genuine camaraderie, and your commitment to understanding our unique needs set Burr Yacht Sales apart. Your dedication surpasses a mere business partnership; it’s a testament to the lasting relationships you cultivate with your clients. As we navigate the open seas and curate memories, we carry the wealth of knowledge, acquired skills, and the warmth of the Burr Yacht family. The experience with your dealership has been nothing short of exceptional, and we’re profoundly grateful for the guidance that has made our yachting adventure smooth and enjoyable. Here’s to raising our sails to many more adventures on the open seas!”

— Mary & Wade
Proud Owners of Lady Gov – Fleming 55

We helped Wade and Mary purchase and transform a previously cruised Fleming 55 into their dream boat. Then with our Fleming training process, we got them comfortably cruising on their own in no time. From extensive walkthroughs of onboard systems and docking practice, to joining our clients for some actual hands-on cruising time, purchasing a new or previously-cruised Fleming Yacht from Burr Yacht Sales gives you the knowledge and confidence to enjoy your new boat to the fullest.

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