November 5, 2016

Jay and Sharon S. – Golden Hawk


Sharon and I have now completed about two thirds of our Great Loop adventure as well an additional trip down the ICW and a summer in The Chesapeake. We were sitting on the boat on the west coast of Florida recently discussing our travels and the conversation once again drifted to how absolutely fantastic this boat has been. As you know Sharon and I have been boating seriously for over 20 years. We have had the pleasure of owning a few boats and although we have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them, our experience with our beloved Fleming has not only gone way beyond our very high expectations but to a point where it is actually difficult to articulate the satisfaction and pleasure of operating and owning this ship. The inherent capabilities, design, structure, systems and foresight that the Fleming organization has put into their product goes beyond even what they describe as their objective in building this great boat. We can honestly say that owning the Fleming is without question the highest level of satisfaction we have ever had with any item we have ever purchased. Every dollar we paid for this product and invested in her during our travels was worth every last cent and we just could not be more pleased. The most difficult thing we will ever have to do with our Fleming is to part ways with her. We dread that day.

Secondly, we also wanted to confirm another very important part of our Fleming experience has been our relationship with your organization. You and all of your people told us that after we left the Burr docks your entire company would continue to be there seven days a week, 24 hours per day. Well let us assure you that that has certainly been the case. We feel so very blessed to have been supported the way we have been by Mick, Kevin, Charlie, Craig, Dana and the rest of your staff that when you combine the excellence of product that we described above with the support, technical skills, operational knowledge, boating experience and just plain personal interest in Sharon’s and my situation, there are not many areas that Burr needs to improve upon. Pat himself is one of the greatest and most knowledgeable support people Sharon and I have ever met and we have valued his presence immensely. Anyone that is considering buying a Fleming and does not for whatever reason is making a major mistake. They will only truly know this, however, after they have signed the check and used this great product. They can be rest assured that whatever Fleming and Burr Yacht Sales tells them will be the absolute truth.

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and helping to make this stage of Sharon’ and my retirement everything we had hoped.

Regards – Jay and Sharon S., Golden Hawk

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